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Using Python to copy data from feature service on AGOL to feature class on SDE?

Question asked by Slade9 on Mar 8, 2018
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I am trying to create a tool to record and analyze data on structures through Survey123. The overall process is to record data points in Survey123 and the feature service created by Survey123, move it to our SDE environment, and then do geoprocessing/analysis on it.


Doing this manually is easy peasy: load the feature service into an mxd through Add Data, Copy from the feature service into an identical and empty feature class and then do the joins, overlay analysis, and all the other analysis.

My shop is currently using ArcMap 10.4 and AGOL.


However, I would very much like to use python to do this as It would just not be feasible to do all this manually over the long term.  My initial research points me towards using ArcGIS API for Python, but that seems to be a daunting new set of tools, workflow, and creating and setting up a new environment for what is a pretty simple task. Or is it that simple?



Is API for Python the best tool to achieve my goals of copying data from a feature service to SDE using python?

Are there better tools or workflows to do this?


I'm not looking for someone to create the plan or workflow, just to let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree. And if I am correct in that API for Python is the correct tool, maybe a suggestion on learning materials for it. It seems as though ArcGIS API is a little out of my current reach regarding python skill and database structure/knowledge, but I wouldn't mind learning something new.