Survey123 Connect Publish to Portal Fails with JSONObject[\"timeInterval\"] not found

Discussion created by jswoveland_Latitudegeo on Mar 2, 2018
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Hello all, and thanks for reading.

First, my environment:

  • Survery123 Connect 2.6.4
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 (single server deployment on Windows)I
  • Authentication: built-in Portal identity, over http (was using IWA over SSL, but this caused other publishing issues)


I have a survey definition that publishes without issue to ArcGIS Online, however when I attempt to publish it to our ArcGIS Enterprise, publishing fails with the error JSONObject[\"timeInterval\"] not found.

JSONObject[\"timeInterval\"] not found

I have attached the Survey123 Connect log file (hostnames and usernames redacted).  

The error shown in the log is:

http://PORTAL_HOST_REDACTED/server/rest/admin/services/Hosted/service_ade64c8c3aa24a369dc5bb5153e68a5c/FeatureServer/addToDefinition error {
"code": 500,
"details": [],
"message": "JSONObject[\"timeInterval\"] not found."

Another user posted the same error a couple of weeks ago, and said he resolved it by recreating his form definition line by line.  It would be great if  Survey123 team could do some debugging on this and find out what the actual underlying issue is.

I would post the survey definition itself, but it I am waiting to get permission from my client who authored it.  Will update this post with the form if granted


EDIT: Survey definition now attached (see IGC Physical Inspection.xlsx)