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.style to .stylx confusion (ArcPro)

Question asked by sthordin_Tindale_Oliver on Mar 2, 2018
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Hi! I just got upgraded to ArcPro and am experiencing some growing pains. I had a set .style connected to ArcMap that included all of Florida DOT's official road signs. I want to add that style to ArcPro and have followed these instructions to import it. It seems to go through without a hitch, but after importing I still don't see the option to use that stylx anywhere. In the symbology/character properties, the style does not appear. When I try to work around and add the stylx from the project folder (styles>add style) it tells me I already have the style added. 

This makes sense, since I already "imported" and it should add to the project automatically, but HOW do I get the stylx to come up as an option in my symbology/character properties??? In ArcMap, I usually do this. Layout View>Drawing Toolbar>Draw Marker>Right click marker properties>Symbol selector>Choose from my connected style folder (see below)

This style does not appear anywhere in ArcPro when I add a marker in Layout. I only have the options of ESRI markers. I know I can create essentially the same markers by editing the basic ESRI marker and adding text on top, it's just in the long run I would really like to have this set up. For clarity, I have been working with the below features in Pro: 

I'll probably end up creating the road signs from scratch using ESRIs default this time around, but eventually I'd like to resolve this. 

Thanks in advance for those of you who read and respond!


EDIT: Okay, so these markers are based on a custom font type. So it turns out I am able to find *some* of the symbols in Point>format point>shape marker>font style. This isn't really what I want, since I still need to manually choose the colors and stuff, but it's better than nothing