Polygon to Centerline tool missing?

03-01-2018 11:59 AM
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Hi all,

I am working with a lidar dataset in ArcPro to extract information about the hydrologic network in the study area. Online, there is a tool called Polygon to Centerline (Polygon To Centerline—Topographic Production toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop) that can extract the centerline of a polygon that shows the river network, however I cannot find the tool when I search for it in ArcPro. Is this tool available yet and if so, are there any extensions or downloads needed to run the tool?



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Tools that are not available in PRO

Bookmark it since it is updates as the version progresses

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Polygon To Centerline tool requires Production Mapping extension alongwith ArcGIS Desktop Standard/Advanced license.

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This question was for ArcGIS PRO...

Well it looks like the license might be amiss or the toolbox or extension is relabelled since it is listed in the.

Topographic Production Toolbox

Polygon to centerline 

I just found it in the online help by searching 'centerline'

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