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Can not connect to server Get Proxy Error 504.

Question asked by kbusby on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by tmerhige-esristaff

Attempting to connect to new Arcgis Server using Add ArcGIS Server. I enter URL and user name and password and I get the Error: We were not able to connect to "Server" Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote server (verify server is running). (Status code 504). 

I am running Acrmap 10.5.1 and server is the same. I have tested and it works on other desktops the only difference between this one and the others is it is still using Windows 7 and the others are using 10. We have taking it off the domain and put it back on, ran updates, etc.. still nothing seems to be working. has anyone seen this? I have read many similar issues that were due to miss matched versions like 10.0 on desktop and 10.4 on server but these match. I have run out of ideas and could use some more if anyone has any.