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Widget Display Requirements

Question asked by jdavis1016 on Mar 1, 2018
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I have just started experimenting with Operations Dashboard and really enjoy the interface.

I have a question regarding data display spanning multiple layers.

For example:

I have three layers (1 polygon and 2 points); one layer features 4 different polygons - call them "Boundary Areas A - D", another consists of a small number of point locations - call them "Sites", and the last one consists of a larger number of point locations - call them "Address Points".  All point locations, with varying numbers, can be found within each of these polygon areas.

At present, I have set-up 2 summary widgets per each of the Boundary Areas.  For instance, Boundary Area A has a count for the Sites in one widget and a count for the Address Points in another widget and so on through Boundary D.

I would like to have another widget displaying the result of a mathematical operation between each of these two windows...for instance...say there were 5 Sites and 200 Address Points for Boundary A...the operation would be the following...5/200 x 100 and the widget would display 2.5%.

Is it possible to perform such a calculation given that the calculated response spans two separate layers instead of all the information being contained within one layer?


Thank you.