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Web Maps published with ArcGIS API for Python don't appear in Collector

Question asked by Chloe_2ndnature on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Chloe_2ndnature

I am trying to write a script that takes an existing Feature Service, adds it to a map, share the map with a group, and then the group is able to edit data in Collector app.


As far as creating the web map my code is:

wm = WebMap()
web_map_properties = {'title':'some title',
      'snippet':'Some Snippet',
      'tags':'My Tags'}
web_map_item =


After sharing the maps and data to the group, if I log in through AGOL I can see the map, layer and make edits.  However, when I log into collector, I cannot see the map.


If I go into the web map on AGOL as the web map owner, save the map (changing nothing else), I can then see the web map in collector.  


I don't know why "saving" an additional time do anything to the collector visibility.  The web map details look identical before and after saving, so I don't see any property changes.  Could there be something to do with extent being set or something?  


Lastly, how does one set extent from a WebMap() item.


I have been referencing this guide: Publishing web maps and web scenes | ArcGIS for Developers