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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Search Dijit Composite Geolocator Help

Question asked by Tyler.Waring_carync on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Tyler.Waring_carync

Greetings, I am trying to add a composite GoecodeServer to the ESRI Online World geolocator in the JavaScript search Digit. I have pushed the geolocator into the search's sources like this:


search = new Search({
map: map
    , enableInfoWindow: false
    , showInfoWindowOnSelect: false
    , enableButtonMode: true
    , enableLabel: false
    , maxSuggestions: 4
    , enableHighlight: false
}, "search");
var sources = search.get("sources");
    //Pass in the custom locator to the sources
    locator: new     Locator(""),
    singleLineFieldName: "SingleKey",
    outFields: ["Street"],
    name: "Composite",
    localSearchOptions: {
        minScale: 300000,
    distance: 50000
autoNavigate: true,
placeholder: "exemple: Place de la Riponne Lausanne 1005",
//highlightSymbol: new PictureMarkerSymbol("", 36, 36).setOffset(9, 18),
//Create an InfoTemplate
infoTemplate: new InfoTemplate("Address", "${Address}")
search.set("sources", sources);
search.graphicsLayer = mapPinLayer;


When I search for an address, the typeahead in the search digit provides results as expected from my composite geolocator (Attachment: Composite1.png). However when I select one of the results, I get a "No results" message in the search digit (Attachment: Composite2.png).  


Is there a trick to including composite geolocators in the search digit? Can anyone point me to an example of where they were able pull this off? 


Many thanks,