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Using input "Poll an ArcGIS Server for Features" and not receiving any STRING data?

Question asked by nkoski_mnpower on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by nkoski_mnpower

Hi all,


First off, I am newly learning how Geoevent works, and one of the major appeals was for me to be able to watch a service feature, in this case, a table, for any changes.


So I am experimenting with tables which I have hosted as feature services and can read and access them no problem when going through the REST Point. However, when I setup the input to read said table it exclusively only bothers to read the integers and ignores the fields that have either strings or dates. I have my definition configured to read that as a string but nothing comes through.


I included some screenshots of my table, definition, and results to help explain what is going on. 

My table's fields are correctly defined the same as my service definition.