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Sync error with Tracking layer

Question asked by kfolger on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by kfolger

I am attempting to use a Tracking layer in Portal with Enterprise data. Editing is turned off in all the Enterprise layers in the Map. Using the tracking layer to fake out Collector so that I can just "View" the Enterprise data in Download mode in the field. I used the template in Portal to create the Tracking layer, shared it with the same group as the Enterprise data but I keep getting a Sync error when I try to download the map. If I take out the Tracking layer the error goes away, but if I update the map I will no longer be able to download it since there is now no editable features in the map. Frustrating. The entire text of the sync error is: ["ErrorMsg@SyncGPService:(\"code\":400.\"description\":\"syncModel:perReplica is not supported with this feature service.\")","Failed to execute(Create Feature Service Replica).","Failed."]