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Filter widget use date calendar as default click

Question asked by louchios on Feb 15, 2018
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I am using the filter widget to filter dates. I would like to remove the today, tomorrow, yesterday options and have it direct to the calendar picker immediately when a user clicks on the dropdown box. I am using WAB 2.7 but I am using the Filter widget folder from 2.4 because I prefer the "Apply" button as opposed to the toggle button.


I commented out some code to where I see only the "the date..." option. However, the user still needs to select "the date..." from the dropdown before the calendar pops up. 


The code I commented out is from:   \apps\2\jimu.js\dijit\_filter\DateValueSelector.js   The code I commented out are lines 55 through 62 and line 42. Thank you.


//virtualDates: null,//['today', 'yesterday', 'tomorrow'] 


//if(!(this.virtualDates && this.virtualDates.length > 0)){ 
//this.virtualDates =
// }
//value: '',
//label: ' '
//}); END Comment