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Creating feature layers from custom data

Question asked by zbordas on Feb 14, 2018
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I am sorry for the previous confusion, let me try to go into more details. I am trying to create a group layer and feature layers under the group layer. The source of the data is an outside source and the data is streamed into the plugin implementation through some TCP/IP based protocol. I have all the information (like XYZ) to create (for example) point features in a new, customized feature layer. When doing the same in ArcMap and in the old ESRi API we:
1. Created a new feature layer: IFeatureLayer newLayer = new FeatureLayerClass();
2. Created a new feature class and built up the field information IFeatureClass newClass = .... using esriGeometryType.esriGeometryPoint, 
3. Set the feature class on the new layer. newLayer.FeatureClass = newClass; newLayer.Name = ...; newLayer.Visible = true;
4. Added it to the previously created group layer. groupLayer.Add(newLayer);

I am trying to replicate the same logic using the new ArcGIS Pro SDK and I'm having trouble getting the same result.