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reading/loading app6b.stylx

Question asked by norbert.thoden on Feb 15, 2018
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I try to switch to APP6-B. I downloaded the stylx file here:

Military Symbology Styles | ArcGIS for Defense 


I created the Esri::ArcGISRuntime::DictionarySymbolStyle with following parameters:

  1. const QString& specificationType -> "app6b"
  2. const QString& styleLocation -> "/usr/share/arcgis/resources/symbols/app6b/app6b.stylx"

The file exits and has the correct rights.


Unfortunately i get the signal  'errorOccurred' with:

code=14 domain=0


message='File not found'


There is no documentation, how to setup the parameter specificationType. So i assume "app6b".

Con someone confirm?


Or was someone able to read/load the app6b.stylx???


This problem occures on OpenSuse Linux and Windows based on V100.2.


Thx in advance



Logged to support: "Case #02068526 - reading/loading app6b.stylx fails"