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Constraints and Calling Repeat Values?

Question asked by Staci.Dratler@ch2m.com_CH2MHILL on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

Hi There,


I am working on a groundwater sampling form. In this form we have a set of parameters that will over time become stabilized. We haven’t really figured out if we will use repeats or if we will create just multiple sections in the form in order to watch the data stabilize over time. The idea is to have the field value show red until it is stabilized which then it will show a green value in order to act as an alert. This alert notify's the samplers that sampling is complete. 


Stabilization means that our data falls within a percentage of the previous values or between specific values. Do you have any recommendations for:

               1. Watching the data stabilize over a time period (ie, go from red to green) using repeats vs multiple sections?                  Or a different alert method?         ***I am not sure if you can call previous value from a repeat section?

               2. Setting the constraints that show whether the values are within the specific ranges?


Ideally we’d like to see for example, if a temperature reading is within 3% of the previous 2 inputs, because then it is stabilized.  Is this possible in repeats and if not, how would I set this up in the calculation field if we used multiple sections?


We also want to calculate elapsed time during the sampling event, but again, I am not sure how to call on a previous value from a repeat or if its possible?


Let me know if it would help to see the excel file. I appreciate any advice.