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How to dynamically color VectorTileLayer in JavaScript 4.6?

Question asked by jlchmura on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by odoe

How does one dynamically style a vector tile layer based on data that is external to the layer?

Filtering clearly works, per George Bochenek example: GitHub - gbochenek/vector-tile-demo-js: Demo Application for switching vector tile styles on the fly  Likewise, the paint.fill-color can be changed to a single color.


However, as soon as I add an expression, the layer disappears. Does ArcGIS Javascript 4.6 not support the full Mapbox spec?  For example, we should be able to use a match expression like this:

tileLayerStyle.paint['fill-color'] = [ "match", [ "get", "Origin"], "ORD", "#FF0000", "DEN", "#FF0000", "#000000" ];

So if that isn't supported, what is the recommended way of doing this type of styling?