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Creating Surveys with a Feature Service that has Nested Repeats

Question asked by JLaws-esristaff Employee on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by bradenburkholder

I have a feature service with nested repeats that contains a parent layer, child layer, and grandchild table. To create a survey for the grandchild table, I have to create a new survey in Survey123 Connect with the grandchild table’s schema and point it to the grandchild table in my feature service via the “form_id” and “submission_url”. Then, I was curious to see if I could create a second survey that collects information for both the parent layer and child layer in my feature service, but I keep getting an error that read “The custom feature service submission_url is not compatible with this survey (Table Child_Layer not found).” However, if I publish this second survey without pointing it to my feature service with nested repeats, it publishes successfully. Is there a way where I can create this second survey that collects information for both my parent and child layer in my feature service that has nested repeats, or will I need to have 3 separate surveys for my 1) parent layer, 2) child layer, and 3) grandchild table?