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Create buffer based on occurrence frequency?

Question asked by kgerloff_pdxedu on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by cdspatial

I am using ArcMAP 10.4.1.


I have several point shapefiles containing different occurrence data for two different species of flower (from multiple sources, hence the multiple shapefiles). I want to create a buffer from a central point that includes a quantity of at least 50 each of each species. I'm familiar with the general buffer tool, so for example, I can create a buffer of a certain size and clip to it, but what I'm hoping to do is create a buffer that contains at least 50 occurrences of each species regardless of the size, from a certain point (i.e. a city).


I'm hoping this can actually be done in ArcMAP? I've been searching this forum, StackExchange and elsewhere, and can't find this anywhere.