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Problems adding images to a select multiple question on Survey123.

Question asked by ccmurphy42 on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by gvenhorst

I want to add images next to the choices for a select multiple question. The choices are species of plants and I want to add images for faster and easier plant identification. Presently, the images appear only in the computer based survey and, if I add more than one image, the images do not appear with the corresponding choices. Also, if I add more than one image, the images scramble the list appearance of the choices. I also cannot adjust the size of the image that appears. It needs to be reasonably large for users of the application to recognize the plants. I have tried through the settings in the computer application and also by resizing and optimizing the images for web using IrfanView, neither changed a thing.