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Question asked by brian.haren on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by kphaneuf_VTA

My organization has been using the Launchpad Theme template in Web App Builder for over a year. With the last ArcGIS Online update in December we noticed that on all of our current web apps, and all new ones built using the Launchpad template that the secondary text in the map title bar (the smaller text that is placed between the map title and the search window) is now pushed out of the title bar and appears below it. Note in the image below the text "by the H-JAIA Geospatial Engineering Group" that appears below the title/search bar. This text should be displaying inside the title bar:



We've tested several different possible fixes - shortening the text, removing spaces in the text, changing font sizes, etc. but nothing has an impact. We also know that this issue is not unique to our organization. I have the same issue in web apps created using my ArcGIS personal use site.


If anyone has found a fix for this I'd love to know about it, and hopefully it gets corrected across the AGOL platform on the next update.


Brian Haren