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Legend with Class Break Renderer normalization

Question asked by david.treering on Feb 6, 2018
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Building on the setRenderer error getFieldsUsedInExpressions is not a function question, I built a ClassBreakRenderer widget that has a classification field and a normalization field, plus a legend.  Normalization works with attributes from the feature class.

Class Break Renderer widget

I'm trying to build in a NULL value to the normalization field so that it can be set to null by default, leaving just the classification to set the map symbology.  

var noSelect = {
   value: null,
   label: "none"

I push this to an array that holds the field values, then loop through the field values to add to the array.

var normFields = []; //normalization fields
normFields.push(noSelect); //add NULL value
   foption = {
      label: f.alias


The values are in the selection dropdown, but the null value does not work as expected. The previous value is retained as the normalization field. See attached code, and thank you immensely for your time.