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ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.6 - referenceLayers

Question asked by zdenek.procner on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by zdenek.procner

I have a question about Basemap - JS API 4.
My TileLayer has LODs 0 - 19. The last three LODs are empty (on purpose).


I create the Basemap and
1- The API v. 3 has a map of all LODs - I can also zoom into empty levels (0-19 LOD)
2 -The API v. 4.6 has a map of only non-empty levels (LOds)

When I use it in Basemap properties referenceLayers,it does not work. I have it again  (0-16 LOD)


layer_for_DISPLAY = new TileLayer({
        url: "http://xxxxx/MapServer",
        id: "myID_1",
        title: "myName_1"
/*LODs 0 - 19, last three LODs are empty */


layer_for_LODs = new TileLayer({
        url: "http://yyyyyy/MapServer",
        id: "myID_2",
        title: "myName_2"

/*LODs 0 - 19, non empty LODs */


/* JS API 4 */

myBasemap = new Basemap({
        baseLayers: [layer_for_DISPLAY],
 referenceLayers: [layer_for_LODs],
        title: "myNameBM",
        id: "myIDBM",
        thumbnailUrl: ""



Is it wrong?

The reason is that I after load  (dynamic) MapImageLayer, which is displayed on all scale.

Thank you,
Zdenek Procner