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Cannot orient layout frame grid labels properly on rotated frame.

Question asked by loztastic on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2020 by hpanno.calfire



I am trying to create a map series following a linear feature, with each page rotating to a set value.


This has worked fine, however previously in Arcmap I would have all of the grid labels on the X axis oriented horizontally and those on the Y axis oriented Vertically (to maximize space for the data frame).


In ArcGIS Pro this option seems to be related to whether the label is on an E,W,N or S grid line , rather than top,bottom,left or right axis ... and as such seems to be producing odd results, that I cannot rectify:



Ideally, as in ArcMap, i would want these labeled to automatically be oriented in line with the frame border ... not the same as the other labels of the same oriented grid-lines.


I don't think that coverting to graphics is an option as I assume this will not work with a map series.


If anyone has any ideas on this, they would be greatly appreciated !