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Attribute Rules in ArcPro

Question asked by deleted-user-jxpbpbjlZInj on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by ANewby-esristaff

I was a huge fan of attribute assistant in ArcMap and I was tickled to find that they're working to build it into ArcPro. Looks like they've done this with the recent release and it's called "Attribute Rules"...


BUT... it uses Arcade expressions and I'm not finding any helpful how-to documentation like there was for Attribute Assistant AddIn. 

I'm looking to do a simple update-attributes-by-intersect. Basically I have an attribute table that's great, but the geometry is awful. I have another dataset with excellent geometry but no attribute table... so.

Any one out there have an Arcade expression for doing this in ArcPro's Attribute Rules? I would be so grateful! My Previous table for doing this is attached... Dynamic Value Table