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Why is my arcmap crashing when using the extract values to points tool?

Question asked by suziemilner on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by suziemilner

Hi, my ARCMAP keeps crashing everytime I try to use the extract values to points tool using my dataset. I need both options ticked (interpolate values at the point and append all the input raster attributes to the output point features) as I need the HWSD data for each of the points in the points layer. It has worked previously with another set of points over the UK but when I try to extract to points over Poland it crashes and when I've tried to do the UK points again it also crashes. It even crashes with a set of Poland points that is only 20 points. The values I'm trying to extract are from the HWSD. I have the raster of the soils, joined with the HWSD_DATA database. I'm using ArcMap 10.5 on a Windows 10 64bit system with 16GB RAM and >150GB hard drive space available.


The steps I'm using are:

Open ArcCatalog

Click customize>customise mode>in commands tab find “Add OLE DB connection” and drag to top toolbar

Click on new “Add OLE DB connection” button on toolbar

Click on “Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB provider>click next>in the select database name click on the … button and navigate to the HWSD.mdb file (available for download from HWSD website)> click ok

Open ArcMap

Add HWSD.bil raster layer (File>add data> add data> navigate to HWSD.bil)

Right click on raster layer> joins and relates>Join

For 1. select Value, for 2. navigate to your database connections (towards the bottom) and select the connection you made in ArcCatalog>select HWSD_DATA and click add>for 3 select MU_global>click ok

Right click on the raster layer and open attributes table> check all of the other columns have now been added to the raster layer e.g. Ref Depth, Drainage etc

File> add data> add data>navigate to Poland centroid points shape file

Click Extract Values to Points and select the centroid points as input point features and the HWSD.bil as the input raster, selecting both tick box options.


When it crashes I get a request to send ESRI an error report but I dont get any reply and it closes ArcMap before I get any notification telling me what the error is.


Does anyone have any idea why it's crashing? Is it a memory issue? If so, how can I increase my memory allowance? I've read a few discussions on here that suggests ARCGIS is limited to only use 4GB RAM even though I have 16GB available but these were old discussions about ARCMAP10.1 and older.


The HSWD can be downloaded from IIASA - Land Use Change and Agriculture Program  and I've attached the files for one of my points data sets.