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Issue viewing attachments in feature service from Surveys submitted from Inbox

Question asked by rjmarros on Jan 26, 2018
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Question for Survey123 development team:


We have constructed a survey containing a repeats block that includes several regular attribute fields (text, select_, etc), but also an image field.  The repeats block also contains a geopoint field so that a related feature class to the survey's main feature class is created.  We have configured the repeats block with 'query allowUpdates' in the bind::esri:parameters column using the instructions from the blog post announcing the 'Support for editing repeats':


From the published survey, we are successfully sending survey results to the feature service and from the repeats block to the related feature class.  Images captured in the repeats block field are, as expected, saved as attachments to the features in the related feature class.  Everything as expected so far.


On the back end we have a web app that is used to view the images that were captured in the repeats block (now attachments to related features to the main survey feature), and then it is used to update values in the text and select_ attribute fields in the related features.


Back to Survey123, we do a refresh, and as expected attributes in the repeats block are refreshed with values updated by the web app.  Also, as expected, the picture attachments do not come back to the repeats block because the blog post clearly describes this functionality is not presently available.  That is fine.


However, in Survey123, from the Inbox, we then add a new record to the repeats block and capture an image.  When the survey is submitted and sent to the feature service, a new related feature is created, as expected, and the text attributes have values supplied in the survey, but the new related feature does not contain the image as an attachment as we would have expected.


It is clear in the blog post that a refresh will not bring picture attachments back to the repeats block in the Inbox.  However, when editing the survey from the Inbox and capturing a new image in the repeats block, shouldn't Survey123 be creating an attachment from the new repeats record when the survey is sent back to the feature service?  We did try amending the value in bind::esri:parameters to ‘query allowUpdates allowAdds’, but that did not seem to help.


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