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Access and update data from a ERP system

Question asked by christkl on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by dailya

What would be the easiest way to access and update data from our ERP system (IFS) through a combination of Collector and Survey123? We are looking at work order information related to poles. The work orders come from the ERP system while the geography comes from our GIS database.


I'm currently thinking something along the lines of extracting data from the ERP system through a database view which in turn will update a table at regular intervals through a Scheduled Task which will be joined to the poles feature class. We will need to have the possibility to work with data offline in Collector and as far as I know feature services does not work with database views. The field workers need to see the work orders in Collector from where they will open Survey123.


Pdf-files of current emergency respons protocols etc. stored in the ERP system related to specific areas needs to be accessed by Collector or Survey123 in both online and offline mode. It's the offline mode part that is challenging in this regard.


Data from the surveys collected in the field needs to go back to and update the ERP system. Could this be done by way of a map/feature service for instance? Other suggestions?


Not quite sure how to accomplish this, any input would be appreciated.