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How give services of ArcGis Server to the Internet?

Question asked by Russian on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by rastrauch

Hello everyone, I have ArcGis Server 10.5.1 and published services on this.
What apps can I use for internet access to these services. 
Early, I used Flex Viewer for ArcGIS for this, but I dowloaded installer and installer sent message that the installation cannot be performed. This is old app and support of this application ended, because I want to use WebAppBuilder, but I faces with many problems:
1) This app does not have internet without  account arcgis if I do app using web app builder in online corporative portal

2) My web site does no have iis certificate, because I have problem with https
3) Web site is outside servise and I do no install web adoptor to server with web site. 

I saw videos, read tutorial and geonet forum on this topic, but not have clearly understandig this problem.  


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