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WAB Dev Edition: how do I customize widget sidebars class names?

Question asked by ftonini_msugis on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by ftonini_msugis


I am trying to tweak the class names of my widget sidebar elements within a WAB Dev Edition templated app. For example (see image below), I would like to locate and edit the class name of the following element:


<div class="title-label" data-dojo-attach-point="titleLabelNode" title="Add Systems" style="line-height: 35px;">Add Systems</div>



When I do a full search for "title-label" or class = "title-label" inside my entire web app folder and files, I cannot locate the corresponding CSS class name, nor the file where the <div> with that class name is. Am I looking for the wrong item? Any help or pointer is much appreciated!