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Can I dynamically change the styling of a stream layer without customizations?

Question asked by MGieser on Jan 23, 2018

We are implementing a vehicle tracking service with use of GeoEvent.  I am successfully able to bring the features in, process them and output them to a stream service.  In the processing I am using the trackIdle processor from ESRI's GeoEvent team.  This monitors and calculates the seconds the vehicle has been idle. Very handy.


The problem comes when it is time change the symbology.  We are looking to track ACTIVE, IDLE, and STOPPED vehicles using predefined increments/ranges of the idleDuration.  Styling a stream layer does not seem to be possible this way.  Using multiple layers with filters applied creates duplicate records as vehicles change status/idleDurations.


I am trying to avoid customization as much as possible.  Am I dreaming?