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Anybody know how to read the Output.xml file from Extract Multi-values to points tool?

Question asked by andyroo on Jan 19, 2018


I noticed that the Extract Multi Values to Points tool creates a temporary file named input.xml and Output.xml  under appdata\local\temp\[insert unpredictable location] and deletes it on completion of processing.
It looks like the Output.xml file (attached) is a temporary version of the data before it got turned into a shapefile (there's an input.xml file too), but it's not standard XML - there are no tags and lots of non-ascii data.
I ask because I deleted some stuff that took me most of a day to make and I shudder at the thought of doing it again. It was a point file with a lot of points I picked very carefully in areas that were unchanged between two elevation models before and after a recent flood so I could make an error surface in the model where all of my control was washed away. So I stared and stared at two orthophotos and two hillshades and a difference surface, while picking these points.


Long story short I was trying to export a subset of the points and the export failed with an unintelligible error. So I changed some stuff and did it again and thought I was clicking on the previously created export but I went too fast and really it was the source file, and it failed again, and my source data disappeared.


I tried Recuva to look in the sourcefile dir and almost got everything back, but the .shp file was nowhere to be seen 


I found the input.xml and output.xml files while looking forlornly in the recycle bin. They have coordinate system information in plaintext and look an awful lot like copies of my data but I'm not sure how to get them back. I tried the import from XML tool in arc and crashed arcmap, and the internets seem woefully immune to my carefully crafted googling. Any help would be super-appreciated. I'll even PayPal you enough for a six-pack/4-pack/bottle of your favorite (non-crazy-expensive) refreshment.
Thanks for any help.