Trouble with Generating Spatial Weights Matrix

Discussion created by mdebbink on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2011 by lrosenshein-esristaff
Hi All - I would greatly appreciate a little help with this.  I am trying to create a spatial weights matrix using polygon contiguity (queen); I am a little rusty and can't seem to figure out what I might be doing wrong, but when I load the input feature class into the SWM tool, no fields in the data come up as candidates for the Unique ID.  The drop down menu for Unique ID just remains empty - I have even tried loading some of the ESRI .shp files and still nothing in the drop down menu.  The .shp file contains the polygons (Census Tracts) plus some basic data about each tract (population by race, poverty).  I created a new ID field (type Short Integer) and copied the FID into it when the tract ID wasn't showing up (thought maybe it was a data type mismatch problem since the tract ID is double), but still no luck.  Please help!