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Cannot add Attachment - Extension not Found

Question asked by Martin_Maretta on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by Martin_Maretta

Hello we used Portal and Server version 10.3

When I try to add attachment to my feature service in Portal I have error message "Extension not found". When i check ArsGIS Server logs there is "Unable to process request. Extension not found".


My workflow is:

Publish map service with "Feature access" capability (has attachment is set to True)

I add this service as item to My Content to Portal

When i can edit data - add attachment  I have that error message "Extension not found".(I can see existing attachment)

When I open feature service in REST and open it in, I am able to add attachment.


Do you have any idea why i cannot add my attachment in Portal?

Is it even possible with federated service?

Could by problem with security? - certificate?


Thanks for response