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Can a map display multiple vector tile layers

Question asked by minerjoe Champion on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by mnielsen-esristaff

We have a vector tile package stored on disk and loaded into our map.  The behavior I am seeing is that if we load this layer along with a ArcGISTiledLayer the vector tile layer loads and display fine.  However, if the ArcGISVectorTiledLayer is loaded with a map that already contains an ArcGISVectorTiledLayer that second layer will not display.  I can see it is in the map, it just is not visible.  The behavior is the same if the layer on disk is loaded first or the online layer is added first, whichever layer is added first will display, the second will not.


Is this expected behavior?  I find it odd that it is not possible to have multiple vector tile layers in the same map.





Note:  This testing has always been one layer loaded from a service and the other from a vector tile package