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Problem with custom build JS API 3.23.0

Question asked by FreddyBroring on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by FreddyBroring

Starting this morning we are having trouble with our custom build of the ArcGIS API for Javascript. The bower install complains about a missing dojo-theme package:

bower dojo-themes#1.13.0           ENORESTARGET No tag found that was able to satisfy 1.13.0.


After checking the dojo-themes on github it apears the dojo/thems for Dojo 1 has been moved to dijit/themes, see: GitHub - dojo/themes: Dojo 2 themes 


Somewhere in the ArcGIS API for Javascript configuration files must be a reference to the Dojo thems but I can't find. Can you at Esri fix this problem?


Thanks in advance!