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Adding two WFS layers to the map.

Question asked by sbovnetcompanycom on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by agup-esristaff

I've the following JS code which should present 2 WFS layers on map on the screen:

 map = new Map("map", {    basemap: "gray",    center: [16.4, 48.2],    zoom: 11,    }); = "/proxy/";   var url = "";     var layer1 = new WFSLayer();  layer1.fromJson({    "url": url,    "name": "BEHINDERTENPARKPLATZOGD"  });   var layer2 = new WFSLayer();  layer2.fromJson({    "url": url,    "name": "BEZIRKSGRENZEOGD"  });   map.addLayers([layer1, layer2]);

Unfortunatelly, when I run this code in the browser - only first layer is presented on the map screen (in my case -it is: layer1). When I change the order of added layers (for example: map.addLayers([layer2, layer1])) - still only first layer is visible on the map screen ("layer2" in this case)

ArcGis JavaScript API version we're currently using is: 3.23

Any ideas?