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IdentifyTask in API 4.6 trouble finding feature geometry

Question asked by lorieme on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by lorieme

I want to access the feature geometry when using the IdentifyTask in the JavaScript API 4.6 so that I can add a graphic to my point feature.

I am using the Sample located at


I added a line

var mp = result.feature.geometry;

but the geometry is null. 


Here is part of the code:

// Executes each time the view is clicked

function executeIdentifyTask(event) {

// Set the geometry to the location of the view click

alert (event.mapPoint.x);

params.geometry = event.mapPoint;

params.mapExtent = view.extent;

dom.byId("viewDiv").style.cursor = "wait";

// This function returns a promise that resolves to an array of features

// A custom popupTemplate is set for each feature based on the layer it

// originates from

identifyTask.execute(params).then(function(response) {

var results = response.results;

return, function(result) {

var feature = result.feature;

var layerName = result.layerName;

var mp = result.feature.geometry;

End of the code


Here is what the result object looks like in 4.6.  How do I find the geometry?  The "_proto_" and "_accessor_" make it difficult to find anything.

Result Object in JavaScript API 4.6