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Question asked by mkoneya on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by adailey_slo

I would like to use the category selector on a string field and use a Like Operator.     It does not look like this is possible.  I am trying to create a drop down category selector to filter hydrants by the shift(A,B, or C) they are assigned to for flushing.   


The field containing the Shift has the station number and shift (ex 601A).


The Feature Layer I am using is coming from ArcSDE on our internal ArcGIS Server and I would rather not have to add a field.    One idea I had was to add a table with just the shift (A,B, C) and join it to the ArcSDE Feature Class.


Am I missing something here?    If not,   anyone figured out a work around?