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Populating the same attribute values of the fields of multiple feature classes in a file gdb

Question asked by sarojthapa60 on Jan 4, 2018
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I have a fgdb that contains more than 20 feature datasets and each feature dataset contains multiple feature classes. Almost all feature classes share common fields for e.g. siteID, owner, name. Most of these fields are assigned domain values. I am looking for a script that essentially checks the common fields in different feature classes within a gdb and populates the field values.


For example,  all the feature classes have the fields as shown on the snapshot. As shown on the attached images, If the value of the field "owner"  is private for a feature class named example, then the script should populate the field values of owner  in other feature classes such as Installation_A and ExternalPropertyInterest_A as private.



Could somebody please give me hints on how to do this or show me the scripts that do the similar things? Thanks a lot.