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Adding WMS in Portal and ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by deanhowell2009 on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by bwilsoncc

I must say I am a little disappointed at the way Portal and ArcGIS Pro handle WMS / WFS and other OCG compliant services. It is great that many organisations are releasing their data in ways that reduces the need to store data locally is great but trying to consuming it across the Esri platforms is difficult.


As an example I am trying to load some administrative boundaries into our hosted Portal for ArcGIS using the following link GeoServer Web Map Service but get the following message



but if I add a connection in ArcGIS Pro it works fine




Does anyone have a solution for this as I want to be able to load the data into Portal so the layers can be used across the enterprise?


Note to Esri: It would be good if the products could be coordinated a bit better i.e. if I can add a service in one product I should be able to do the same in another!!!