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Is there a way to embed an Operations Dashboard created on AGOL into a Sharepoint page?

Question asked by smallsrocket on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by DNyenhuis-esristaff

After the updates to Operations Dashboard in December I tried to build a dashboard (on AGOL) for tracking changes to a bunch of different datasets. Instead of using it to collect live data (eg snowplows) I used it to get a quick glance at the health of different datasets. 


I wanted to embed this Operations Dashboard into a sharepoint page but I have been unable to do so yet. I tried to embed it as 'Embed Code' and I just get an error with a link to reload. Nothing happens on reload. I have also tried to add it as a Page Viewer but I just get the word 'ERROR'.  The map and Operations Dashboard have been shared with everyone.


If you have any ideas on how to fix this issue let me know.