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Repeat Always Creating Record

Question asked by shawnroberts on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by _@sbanana99

I'm just experiencing a weird issue that hasn't occurred in the past. Normally, for a repeat a record would only be created in some data was actually entered into the repeat( or an image added). However recently I've experienced an issue with any new surveys that no matter what a record will be created in a  repeat, no matter is it is completely blank or no image has been attached ect. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?


I created a really simple survey to test with two lines and this still seems the be happening. The main table (0 index) will be created as expected, then no matter if there is no image or not a record will be created in the related table. 

This is causing alot of headaches as I run scripts/workflows against the survey results and it keeps returning blank records (or in this case records with no attachments).


Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated.