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Polyline methods bugged in 4.6?

Question asked by alindley on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by bsvensson-esristaff

I have a bit of code in a 3D SceneView for a draw-line tool that has worked fine until the 4.6 release. It basically grabs the map point when the user clicks on the map, and creates a line starting at that point, and adds each subsequently clicked point to the 'paths' property of the line until the user double clicks to end the process. The line is added to the map as a graphic. 


After 4.6, however, I can't get the polyline.insertPoint() function to work, or any of the polyline functions for that matter. I threw together a jsbin that illustrates a similar problem: here. You have to open dev tools to see the results. I used the getPoint() function to keep it a bit simpler, but it throws an error that line.getPoint() is not a function (getPoint() documentation). 


tldr: polyline.insertPoint(path index, point index, point) is not adding anything to the 'paths' property of the line I pass in


Any ideas whats going on here? Am I missing something?


Any help is much appreciated. Cheers