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Index sheet for Map Series Pages

Question asked by enile on Dec 29, 2017

I have created a map series of 118 sheets and have used the nice "Sort Field" feature.

 Thanks for this functionality


There are two things that I would like MSP to do:

1) The individual PDF file names to be a combination of Page Number AND Page Name

2) To be able to create an index page with a map showing the pages and numbers as the first page of the Map Series 


The problem is that with Page Number on individual files it isn't possible to know the grouping, and with the Page Name it also isn't possible to know the grouping since they sort alphabetically. 

I can create an index sheet showing the entire extent of the map series, but an index with page numbers would allow the users to quickly go to the desired page.


Are these things possible and I'm missing something?


If the Map Series Group By and Page Numbers could be exported then the values could be added to the index featureclass I am using, and then easily displayed on an index page.