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Comparing layers gathered from data from ArcGIS Online

Question asked by mxa8986 on Dec 26, 2017
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I am new to the ArcGIS software's and am tasked to create a reference guide for the DOT through ArcMap. I am trying to compare multiple layers that I get by adding data from ArcGIS online. These layers include: USA Soils Drainage Class, USA Soil Map Units 2014, and Total Annual Precipitation. I need to display, based on comparing the layers above, multiple options of repair methods for slope failures along highways and major roadways. The end picture of the project is to have a web based platform for the DOT to click on/ enter a specific location and then it displays the results.


I have looked into using unions but I don't think I can go that route because those layers above are not feature layers.


Also, only the USA Soils Drainage Class layer can be made selectable (not sure if that makes a difference)


I am hoping for a push in the right direction!
Thank you!