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Accessing REST API Query with username and password

Question asked by recurvata on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by meghan.kulkarni_Superion

I have the following code that I want to use to access a secured arc rest api site and query a layer to return the data in json. I can do this manually by going to the rest site in a browser, signing in, and using the query page to return data. And the code below (mostly copied from the web) works on non secured sites, without username and password.


But when I try to access the site using the password, I get the error:

RuntimeError: RecordSetObject: Cannot open table for Load  

How can I do log in programmatically to get this data? Thanks.


    baseURL = "http://company/arcgis/rest/services/Maps/CityMapServer/6/query"
    where = "1=1"
    fields = "*"
    user = "user"
    password = "pass"
    query = "?where={}&outFields={}&returnGeometry=true&f=json&auth=({},{})".format(where, fields, user, password)
    fsURL = baseURL + query
    fs = arcpy.FeatureSet()