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Unable to access shared feature service from outside our domain.

Question asked by JGray1 on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by JGray1

Getting an error, when connecting to a shared feature services in Portal for ArcGIS. (Unable to access authentication service), when using a device from outside our local domain. Example Ipad or laptop in field connecting to portal via 4G cell network. (see attachment Ipad1.png)


I can log in and connect to Portal for ArcGIS, view the items in my content, groups organization, etc. Even add items to the map that are shared with Everyone. But cannot add a shared feature service, because it will not access the authentication service.
The Sign In popup, when accessing the feature, shows the item url to be local domain address. ex.( https://name.domain.local/portal (item) )


I believe, this should be (item) this is the address of the portal and the address tied to the CA SSL certificate.
So I believe it is searching for the authentication service in a location (name.domain.local) that is not accessible from outside our network. I have searched but can’t find where to redirect the address to the correct address ( Can this be done to solve the issue?


When I access the same map and service from my PC, signed in to our local domain, everything works fine, able to view and edit data.  When I log into portal and view a map and service that is shared with everyone, everything works fine.

I am only getting this login error when using a feature service shared with specific members of our organization.


ArcGIS Portal with Federated ArcGIS Server and Data Store

Using Built-In Identity Store


Looking forward to getting this resolved so we can add some field apps for the survey crew.