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Error when moving content from root directory

Question asked by cadamsesriuk-esridist Employee on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by cadamsesriuk-esridist

I am trying to move Portal items from the root directory to a new folder I create. This works when content is stored in a folder I already created but not from the root/home directory under MY CONTENT.


The docs say "You can move content out of folders to root by calling the move() method and specifying / as folder name"


This is the code:


for folder in folders:
    folderitems = adminuser.items(folder= '/')
    for item in folderitems:
        item.move(folder= 'New Folder')


This is the error:


ValueError: Could not locate the folder: /. Please verify that this folder exists and try again.