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Split a polygon into many polygons based on count of a particular field

Question asked by mscferenzo on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Dan_Patterson


I have a polygon segment within which there are many buildings scattered. There is a particular attribute in the building feature class which mentions the no of connections available in the that building. So I want to split the polygon based on say 300 connections.

I.e, if the polygon segments has 700 connections within it, i want to divide that segment into 3 different polygons each having count 300,300,100 with  300 being the max. Also I want that particular attribute updated with the latest count after splitting.

So is there a way to automate the above scenario  in python or a tool available in arcgis??

I dont want split by attribute as it creates individual feature classes. Preferably split the polygon based on the count and update the attribute in the same feature class

Awaiting a response regarding this issue.