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esri javascript 3.19; map.disableScrollZoom() not disabling scroll zoom.

Question asked by waringt on Dec 14, 2017


   I have a ESRI JS API (3.19) map with Bootstrap 3.3.7 in an iFrame in a long page. The map is in the center of the page. When the user scrolls up and down the page, the map hijacks the page scroll and either zooms in or out. I want to disable to scroll in the map until the user clicks within the map. However, I am unable to disable the map's scrolling zoom using 'map.disableScrollWheelZoom()' . I've also set 'map.isScrollWheelZoom = false' for safe measure. The map continues to scroll, however.  Is there any way to disable to scroll wheel zoom? 

Thanks, Tyler