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Automate Loading representation rules

Question asked by anveo_sdfe on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by anveo_sdfe

Dear community.

I would like to load representation rules to featureclasses in an automated way. How is this possible?


Therefor I would like a procedure, where:

1) The cartographers update the representation rule

2) The cartographers update the visual specifications database

3) Off work I would like to automate the procedure of assigning the representation rules, via the visual specifications, to the featureclasses in the database


Updating a featureclass representation is a schema change and therefor no other users must be editing or even looking at the featureclass when this is done. In addition I would preferre that the cartographer should not have advanced rights on the featureclasses in the database.


At the moment we use the GP-tool Calculate Representation Rule (one one feature). However I would like to be able to update the representation rule without in the same process to specify which features this should be assigned to. The schema is one kind of user, while specifying, using and assigning the rep rule is another kind of user (to me). 


I have to stress, that I am new with regards to representations so I might have overlooked something.


Best regards Anne.